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We address our clients’ toughest challenges by applying the correct technical solutions through technology consultancy and software delivery.

Simply put, we work across different geographical locations and time zones to help you lead and accelerate your digital transformation efforts with greater confidence and results.


Stay Up, Stay Running

AI and Cognitive Services

Machine Learning | Text Analytics | Language Understanding | Speech Recognition | Translation | Vision | Image and Video analysis

Application Modernization

App Migration | Cloud Optimize and Native App | Containerized | app service or cluster deployment | API Management | SQL Server Managed Instance | SQL Databases | Elastic Pool | Amazon RDO & DynamoDB

Cloud Native Services

Serverless - Azure Functions | Logic Apps | Microservices | Containers | Serverless Databases – Cosmos (Document, Graph, Table)

Data Analytics

Data Bricks | Steam Analytics | Python and R | Azure ML Studio | Time Series Analytics | Amazon Kinesis | Amazon Elasticsearch Service

Data Governance

Data Catalog | SQL Database | Cosmos API Management | Data Catalog | ETL | Masking

Data Visualization

Power BI & Power BI Embedded | Tableau | KPIs

Data Warehouse and Data Lakes

Data Catalog | SQL Database | Cosmos API Management | Data Catalog | ETL | Masking
Azure Data warehouse | Azure Data Lake | Big Data | Data Factory | Blob Storage

DevOps Services

Continuous Integration & Deployment | Code Reviews | Pull Requests | Unit & E2E Tests, Code quality with Sonar | Application Monitoring | DevOps KPIs, Dashboards | Azure DevOps | Bitbucket | Git | GitHub | TFS | TFVC | Deployment Slots

IOT Solutions

IoT Hub and IoT Gateway | Stream Analytics | Event Hubs | Serverless | IOT Analytics | Monitoring | Device Management

Micro-services and Containerization

Service Fabric/Service Mesh Kubernetes/AKS | Containers Elastic Pool and Cosmos Container separation for data | Docker | AWS Lambda | Amazon Elastic Container Service

Mobile Development

React Native | Xamarin | Flutter | Kotlin | Native Android/IOS

Web Development

ASP.NET | ASP.NET Core | C# | Angular | React Native | Vue.js | SQL | NoSQL | API Development | JAVA | Play and Scala

Identity and Access Management

Azure Active Directory(AAD) | AD B2C | AAD B2B | SCIM | AWS IAM

Architecture & code base assessments

Security | scalability | cost effectiveness | agility and stability

Technology advisory for startups

Choosing the right technology stack and practices | step by step guidance for evolutionary architecture

Form of Delivery : Software Delivery | POC | Platform and Licensing | Consultancy & Advisory | Training

Full stack Value Delivery

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    Technology Strategy

    Enterprise technology strategies, cloud transformation, app modernization strategies and digital transformation strategies.

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    Technology Innovation

    The latest technology trends, including AI, blockchain, cloud computing, augmented reality solutions, IOT and more. Mapping into business cases and providing POCs.

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    Technical components/platforms that enable you to accelerate the development of your solutions.

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    Architecture and UX

    Modern architecture practice and user experience design.

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    Continuous Software Delivery

    Deliver software using modern, agile practice.

Collaboration and Partnerships

Together, we serve you better

Today, businesses, collaboration and strategic partnerships are fundamental for providing technology solutions around the world. At Aventude, we believe that by working together, we can discover, develop and deliver the best value for our customers. This helps us to set new standards in our industry and improve the value of our services.
"Through our partnership with Aventude, we are able to better service our customers by providing more value in their cloud transformation journey in the areas of cloud readiness assessments, app modernization, and cloud DevOps. We can offer all these services much better by bringing Aventude and Infront to work closer together in the region."

Raymond Chou
Infront Asia Pacific Regional Managing Director


Collaboration across Geographies

“Delivering competitive software to manage over 320 schools is never an easy task. Quality, scalability, maintainability and ability to innovate are essential aspects of our product development. We are very happy with the results seen after Aventude technical consultants helping our teams to improve DevOps practices and technical architecture of the product, which enabled improved support and faster fixes, faster failure recoveries, overall quality of our software and overall productivity of the dev team”

Cindy Brown
General Manager, Assembly SMS, NZ.

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