We address our clients’ toughest challenges by applying the correct technical solutions through technology consultancy and software delivery.

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Customers choose to work with us because we remove technology roadblocks. They trust us to deliver solutions that empower them.

Experience to make a lasting impact

Many of our customers invest highly in technology adaptation and skill development. This is important to be ahead in the competitive business landscape. This tech focus on the part of our customers always results in long-term engagements, along with high expectations for innovative technology solutions, world class consultancy and top-notch software delivery. Aventude brings global technology consultancy experience to every engagement. We enable our customers to make the right technology decisions, building cost-effective scalable architectures; we also deliver reliable software code. We have helped remove technology roadblocks for some of the most successful businesses in our markets.

Well-done is better than well-said

"Within the next three years, Gartner predicts that more than 70% of large global enterprises will have over 70 concurrent hyperautomation initiatives mandating governance or facing significant instability.

Low-code platforms are becoming an essential part of every enterprise toolbox. It is indispensable for us to build Compose low code development platform in a manner that requires minimal effort from users to build their forms and create a toolbox that enables the visual development of applications through modelling and a graphical interface. Underneath the user-friendly platform, several technical complexities are prevalent.

We collaborate with Aventude and work remarkably as one team. Not only do they deliver top-level software code, but they provide guidance for building tech strategy and architecture, as well as assistance in solving technical complexities in the most effective manner. Aventude is a big part of our success.”
Frode Esttesvoll
CEO Compose AS.

Aventude Experience

How our customers and teams experience the journey with Aventude matters a lot in every engagement. We focus on how to provide right experience to our customers and to our teams who work with our customers. Our focus to employ right people, processes, and the way of working together makes the big difference.

Right Team

Carefully chosen high skilled committed teams with

- Passion for Technology
- Ability to work together with right chemistry
- Ability to transform Individual Mastery to Team Mastery
- Continuous improvements through fast feedback cycles
- Solutions focused mindset
- Respect for diversity
- Clear communication
- International exposure

Right Practices

Resecting unique nature of every customer and the project

- Uniquely customised light weight agile process
- Guided workshops to start quick and start right
- Efficient code takeover practices for ongoing projects
- Focus on value delivery over sprint delivery
- Cost effective scalable architecture models
- Automate when possible
- DevOps driven culture
- Quality and productivity matrix for transparency

Right Collaboration

Removing contextual challenges of geographically dispersed teamwork

- Cross collaboration tools to assure location transparency
- One team one work culture.
- Frequent Onsite – offsite co-location
- High quality video conferencing
- Quick & casual team communication
- Frequent retrospectives and fast feedback loops
- Out of office frequent social activities
- Periodic realignment management workshops