We address our clients’ toughest challenges by applying the correct technical solutions through technology consultancy and software delivery.

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We integrate engineering, creativity, and collaboration to deliver an extra ordinary impact to our clients

Technology partner to our clients

Modern tech space can be very noisy with buzzwords and various bleeding edge technologies. Creating an extraordinary impact on your business by doing the right thing at the right time can be a tough choice for any CIO on their own. Here's where Aventude expertise will come in—from insights to actions. Our experience and expertise will help you co-create your tech strategies and the right engineering solutions to help you stay ahead of the game.

Full stack Value Delivery

Aventude has a unique global approach and end-to-end capabilities covering R&D, strategy, software engineering and project governance that help clients to realise value of technology in timely manner.


Our clients expect us to help them innovate using modern tech. The pace of technological innovation is quickening. No longer can companies afford to miss a generation of technology and expect to remain competitive. Aventude’s R&D teams take greater responsibility in experimenting with new trends and applying this learning in real-life scenarios.


SPARK is a high value service, based on the provision of highly skilled, independent, and professional tech advice provided by Aventude senior consultants. In SPARK, we support our clients by helping them select and strategise technology to achieve their business objectives.
This is a client-focussed service providing professional advice, typically to CEOs, CIOs, or the IT team. Our approach is independent of vendors and specific technologies.


Opus offers a variety of software engineering, data management, and architecture services to enterprises and ISVs, as well as tech startups.  By working with rapidly changing industries, we have learnt to build software that will not only delight users and clients, but will also allow for rapid change with confidence.
At the core, our experienced software engineering team value fast feedback, repeatability, simplicity, and clean code.


Explore new technologies with us

Innovation happens pretty fast in every business domain. For Aventude, there’s always something new to discover; it could be a new language, a technology, a framework, or even a totally new concept. CIOs are challenged to predict which innovations will be worthwhile and which will soon sink, and they need to test out such concepts pretty fast without disrupting their mainstream work. Continuous research and learning at Aventude R&D are a valuable service for clients to discuss what’s new and what’s next, and also to test out these ideas very rapidly.

High impact business case mapping

The benefits of technology can be understood correctly once companies map the right business case to the right technology. The Aventude team will help clients explore their business cases to remove any mismatches between the technology and the problem. They can then include new tech innovations in their digital roadmaps with confidence.

Proof of value

Proof of concept is an essential step before big projects incorporating new ideas are initiated. Aventude research teams can help clients narrow down their business cases to a specific core vertical. This involves mini-projects in which the client works with our tech teams to come up with a working model that can be tested in real environments.


Board tech advisory

With digital innovation and transformation at the top of the agenda, most corporate boards are forming specialist committees to drive their technology strategies. Aventude Board Tech Advisory is a specialised service designed for corporate boards, providing a tech advisory role for board tech committees covering performance, risk, and strategy in tech space.

Technology Consultancy

Aventude technology consultants collaborate with their clients and bring passion, international experience, and technical skills to provide strategies and architecture solutions that can solve the most challenging and complex problems.

DTO as a service

In their rush to jump on the technological bandwagon, some enterprises fail to implement their digital roadmaps successfully. Aventude’s DTO service provides the technology and governance capabilities, frameworks, and structures they need by helping them to upskill their staff.

Multicloud infrastructure consultancy

The Cloud lies at the core of many enterprises. Defining appropriate strategies and cost-effective architectures from cloud migration to security and compliance management, Aventude helps its clients throughout their journey so they can exploit the full potential of cloud technologies.

Architecture and code base assessment

There are times when businesses need to assess their enterprise architectures or even a single product architecture and the total cost of ownership (TCO) of their codebase. Our well-defined matrixes help clients to evaluate and benchmark their software systems. We assist with architecture refactoring and we remove technical debt when necessary.

Data analytics

The enthusiasm for data analytics projects has led many companies to waste their money with little benefit. Businesses need to think clearly about their data governance policies, how to build data literacy into their business strategy, how to process and visualize data, and how to manage data projects successfully. Aventude SPARK services provide end-to-end data analytics services for businesses and proper guidance throughout.


New Product Engineering

Producing great products requires creativity, technical know-how, execution, and collaboration. Dysfunctional products are the result of dysfunctional teams. Aventude assembles the right engineering team with the right mix of skills to work cooperatively with the client, and guided workshops give them the opportunity to bring ideas to us that we can develop. Our continuous software delivery practices make it possible to receive fast feedback.

App Modernisation

We have proven our ability to take over already developed complex systems within a few weeks and modernize them without interrupting our clients’ current operations. Aventude’s Three Lanes approach to app modernization helps our clients transform their legacy applications strategically by starting to deliver business value faster as in a month. Our approach to engineering enables us to address PaaS, innovative, and disruptive transformations and architecture modernization.

Cloud Transformation

We help our clients develop risk-mitigated cloud strategies by selecting the right service provider and the most appropriate deployment models for their needs, with minimal downtime. Our engineering teams have extensive experience of cloud platforms such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Provider (GCP). Our experience in cloud security and cost-effective scalable cloud architecture models help our clients to get the best of cloud transformation efforts.

Continuous feature releases

Our experienced engineering teams are geared to take over code, conduct quick assessments, and produce reliable, continual, and low-risk feature releases. Our delivery practices make it possible to adapt software in response to user feedback. We work with our clients as a single development team to automate and streamline the build-test-release process.

Support &

The Aventude application support & maintenance process, which is based on lean principles, allows our clients to run their business without interruption. We collaborate with 1st-level onsite support personnel at our client locations to assure a highly impactful and flowless experience. Based on agreed service levels and terms, we help fix issues and improve application use. Our support team leads manage ticket systems transparently and improve cycle times for reported issues.