Aventude Offshore Experience

We bring a decade of experience of building great software for various businesses across Scandinavia, the USA, the UK, Australia and Asia. Aventude’s offshore experience allows us to offer solutions so that you can discover better models for offshoring, rather than teams waiting for you to dictate every single user story to them.

Aventude offshoring provides access to a full stack of value delivery ranging from technical strategy, innovation and architecture to software delivery.

Onshore – Offshore Collaboration models

Scrum of scrum model

Independent teams in each location collaborate via Scrum of Scrum

Parallel development
  • Enable multi-team development for one release
  • Teams are self sufficient to deliver their backlog verticals
  • Less location dependency
Highly integrated one team model

All members across locations are formed as a singe scrum team

Location transparency
  • Knowledge retention with customer teams, ideal for product IP owners.
  • High location dependency
Independent team model

All members across locations are formed as a singe scrum team

Total solution responsibility
  • Taking over the responsibility by the offshore team
  • Full stack of value delivery

Advantages of working with Aventude

Start right at any stage

New Product Development

  • Collaborative workshops with the customer for product discovery, Cost effective technology strategy, defining MVP, backlog and road map creation.
  • 0th sprint
  • Continuus software value delivery.

Existing code base takeover

  • Collaborative workshops with the customer to understand the business domain and expected outcomes of the transformation.
  • Code Analysis, TCO report, Tech strategy advise, critical fix backlogs, new feature backlogs
  • 0th Sprint
  • Continuous software value delivery

Aventude B.O.T model

If you need to establish a dedicated team in Asia to scale up your development, we can help. Sri Lanka has strategic advantages over other Asian locations in setting up your extended team. Aventude can assist you in forming a team, building a tech-savvy culture, creating work models and taking over the team when you are ready. Alternatively, we can create a joint venture with you.