Increased Organizational Performance with Aventude DevOps

Quality and speed through automation and with agility

We assist our clients with their DevOps transformation and automation projects. Our DevOps consultancy specialists help accelerate DevOps processes, scale up when additional expertise is required and provide ongoing support. We look at DevOps transformation both in terms of our clients’ internal organisation performance and customer experience.

What DevOps Means To Your Business?

  • Unite the development and operational teams by implementing automation & standardisation of development, testing, deployment and continuous monitoring
  • Higher operational efficiency, increased agility, faster time to market, improved quality and better tech- tech and tech- management communication
  • Increased focus on important tasks and less reactive fire fighting
  • Better customer experiences with measurable service delivery improvements
  • Culture for sharing and innovation

Aventude 5 Phase Approach to Devops Value Delivery

Management alignment and setting communication plan

We assess your current level of practices and capabilities in place to tailormade our approaches to suit you the best.

We plan and execute the most suitable practices and tools for you to assure a successful and sustainable implementation.

We will measure  Frequency of deployment, Mean Time to Recovery, Deployment Speed, Failure Rates and provide you analytics in dashboards

Our approach is to get your teams involved. While we guide, they will carryout the work and we will provide them enough training to sustain DevOps in your organisation

Software Delivery Flow