Accelerate enterprise digital transformation by modernizing your apps

Why our clients modernize their applications with us?

Aventude 3 Lanes Approach

Aventude 3 Lanes approach to app modernization helps our clients to transform their legacy applications strategically by starting to deliver business value faster as in a month.

  • Lane 1 – PaaS Transformation

    This includes migrations of application from on-premise or cloud infrastructure services to Platform as a Services (PaaS) in Cloud. This makes the application and data tier to be ported to PaaS and enable auto scale and ease of management.

  • Lane 2 – Architecture Modernization

    Any modernization architecture with modern distributed and decentralized platforms. Container based microservices approach, Serverless based microservices approach, Polyglot application design, Polyglot data persistence design, Multi-tenant application design, API strategies and DevOps are major aspects of lane 2 digital transformation.

  • Lane 3 – Innovation & Disruptive Transformation

    Enabling applications to cell based architecture and use available Cognitive services, Complex Event Processing, Real time collaboration and monitoring, IoT and Digital Twins, Predictive analysis, Decentralization with Blockchain and etc.

Aventude provides the ideal mix of adoption and helping clients to choose the right strategy at the right time. The 3 Lanes approach does not restrict adoption, and instead offers a perfect notion of positioning and visualizing the solutions in digital transformation.

We implement different strategies in combination with the 3 Lanes approach in order to modernise applications, such as platform engineering, API monetisation, automation of the IT consolidation of service catalogues and more.

Send an email to to set up a meeting to walk through our case studies in following topics;

  • AAD tenant provisioning, Azure management and user management.
  • O365 implementation.
  • Container based application decomposition and microservices implementation with Service Fabric Managed Services.
  • Container based application decomposition and microservices implementation with AKS
  • Event driven application decomposition and microservices implementation with AzureFunctions.
  • Single database isolation strategy with Elastic Pool or Cosmos DB collections.
  • Realtime DR implementation with Cosmos DB multi-region write/read.
  • Azure Cognitive Services implementation for vision, text, and speech.
  • LUIS implementation and Bot development strategy.